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Rednellac was founded to facilitate change in organizations that focus on understanding what change is needed and how your team wants that change to occur.  By focusing on what change is required, our team is able to create value quickly for your team.  Having the right team in place allows us to deliver the right solution.

Our team is built on core values that resonate with who we are and who we want to work with by focusing on traits of being dedicated to excellence through delivering high-quality solutions with a team built on integrity. 


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We are dedicated on a daily basis to create excellence for our customers, our team, and each member of our team.  Excellence is not something that we do, it is who we are and consistently look to improve on as consultants, as a company, and with our families.



We build the right solution because it is the right thing to do.  It is important that the work we do is for ethical teams with ethical outcomes.  We will make the right choice by our team and by our clients to maintain a high level of trust, which creates the difference in quality.


We perform in a disciplined fashion that we continuously look to create success while holding each other accountable to consistent excellence and quality of work.  We work together to perform each task and push back to make sure our outcomes are best in class.

Working Together


We are people building systems for people.  We celebrate our victories, learn from our failures, and focus on continued growth for the team.  We aim to be fun people to work with and work for.  We know our clients aim to be the same awesome people, which creates a strong partnership.

Go Team
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